Triple Watch Winders

Watch winders for 3 watches

Automatic watch winders for 3 wristwatches have three independent rotors, and you can set an individual winding program for each of them. All the devices in this section allow you to turn off the rotors. If you need to wind up 1 or 2 wristwatches, you can simply turn off unused rotors.

It is very important to choose a winding mode that is suitable for your model of wristwatch. For information on selecting a winding mode depending on the model of your watch or its size, please refer to the Watch Winding Table section.

To choose an automatic winder for your wristwatch and see if you need it, refer to the Watch Winders FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section.

Most automatic watch winders for three wristwatches have a wood grain finish imitating primary timber and are covered with three layers of piano lacquer. Our catalog includes a wide range of watch cases with automatic winding. You can easily choose a model that will suit your interior not only in terms of style, but also in terms of color.