Quad Watch Winders

Watch winders for 4 and more watches

If a wristwatch is an indispensable attribute of your style, then you may need an automatic watch winder for your entire collection.

Our catalog will help you choose a device for simultaneous winding of almost any number of watches. Boxes for winding 4+ wristwatches may have various layouts for placing the watches. Depending on the design of your automatic watch winder, each rotor can wind 1 or 2 wristwatches. Only wristwatches with the same winding parameters can be placed on each rotor. To select the required parameters depending on the model of your watch, visit the watch winding table page on our website.

Unlike devices for winding 3 or 4 wristwatches, automatic watch winders for 8+ watches provide much more options. Most of them have an LCD for displaying the operating mode of each rotor. Almost all devices have a built-in LED backlight that allows you to admire your watch collection during winding.

Automatic watch winder that have a wood grain finish imitating primary timber can perfectly fit into the classic interior of your house. White or black boxes are an excellent choice for modern interiors.

Some models of the automatic watch winder have a storage compartment for several watches. You can store wristwatches that do not require regular winding (for example, quartz ones) in this storage compartment.

Owners of expensive or rare watches can also buy a safe to store and automatically wind the watches at our company’s website. Virtually all safes in our catalog have not only modules for winding the wristwatch, but also additional storage compartments. You can store documents, money, jewels and other valuables in them.