Watch Winder brands

Paul design

The company specializing in manufacturing winders under Paul Design brand was founded by a leading technical expert, Paul Chen, who worked with such brands as Buben & Zörweg, Swiss Kubik and Elma. The company’s mission is to combine modern Swiss technologies, reliable mechanisms and premium luxury materials. However, the product prices are quite affordable due to the fact that production is based in Hong kong.

The following product lines of this manufacturer are provided in our online store:

This product line includes models both with or without additional compartments for watch storage. A new function “speed winding” makes it possible to wind up your watch in a very short time. With “sleep mode”, you can switch the winding cycle to daytime mode. All boxes from this product line are supplied with a remote control device.

Models from this product line are produced in 6 different colors: carbon, macassar, white, black, dark burl, walnut. You may select boxes for one, two, four or eight watches. The model does not have a front door, which makes it convenient for embedding it into the furniture systems or safes. Moreover, you can use not only a network adapter, but also a rechargeable battery as a source of power supply.

All boxes are equipped with electronic control panels with touchscreen, which makes it possible to accurately and conveniently establish a required winding mode.
Watch-winder.Store is an exclusive dealer of Paul Design products in the USA.

Boda concept

Boda concept has appeared in the watch winder market relatively recently as a subsidiary and more cost-saving division of Paul Design. The company’s concept is to combine the luxury and advanced technologies with ease of use and low price. Thanks to the successful combination of price and quality, Boda concept winders have immediately become one of the market leaders.
All boxes have an exterior natural wood finish and are covered with gloss varnish from the outside. Each device has an internal light and convenient electronic control panel with touchscreen.

Produced in modifications to wind up 2, 3 and 4 watches. Available colors: carbon fiber, macassar and dark burl. There is USB output on the back side of the device.

Has a classical design. It has an additional box to store watches, cuff-links, documents or jewelry. Available in carbon fiber, macassar and walnut. Suitable to wind up 6 watches.

Produced in modifications to wind up 1, 2, 3 and 4 watches. Available colors: carbon fiber, macassar and walnut. Glass door with metallic inserts and additional box to store watches and jewelry. There is a USB output on the back side.

Intended for owners of large collections. Consists of models suitable to wind up 9 and 12 watches. Winders of D series are available in the following colors: carbon fiber, macassar, walnut, black, white and dark burl.
All devices of these series have a box to store watches or jewelry.

Package device to wind up one watch. Available in following colors: carbon fiber, macassar, walnut, black, white and dark burl. The devices are equipped with a rechargeable battery and, thus, may operate without connecting to electrical network for a long time.

Produced in modifications to wind up 2, 3 and 4 watches. Available colors: carbon fiber, macassar, dark burl and walnut. There are additional pillows to store 3, 5 or 6 quartz watches under the upper lid.

Watch Winder Store is an exclusive distributor of Boda Concept products in the USA.

Leader Co.

Founded in 1996 in Guangzhou, China, the company specializes in wooden gifts. "Leader" offers high-quality products at affordable prices.

"Leader" is known for quality of its safes, which are made of high-end steel and finished with faux leather or genuine leather. Most "Leader" safes are also equipped with an alarm.

Abest BOXY

Abest BOXY was established in Taiwan in 2000 and specialized in the manufacturing of watch winders since September 2001. BOXY’s products have successfully filled its market niche due to the affordable price for devices with low level of power consumption, attractive elegant design and operational reliability.

The following product line of this manufacturer is provided on our web-site:

Brick winder system is a unique system intended to wind and store automatic watches. The system is called "brick" because you can build own winding system "brick by brick", adding new blocks to power each other.

Fancy Brick Winder System is an advanced equivalent of Brick Winder System.  It has been complemented by a vivid external design and a range of colors, an ON/OFF touch-sensitive button, 45 winding modes and a higher external lid.

Castle product line:  A lid that slowly moves down imitates the movement of a draw bridge of medieval castle. LED-lighting allows to see your watch in the dark. Castle winders are produced in two different colors and three modifications: to wind up one, two or four watches.

BOXY winders are produced in Taiwan using MABUCHI Japanese motors, so they work almost silently.

BOXY devices are equipped with an electronic system which controls the number of turns. The motor counts down an actual number of turns and always returns to the same initial position. Even a heavy watch with increased rotation time will be wound up correctly.

Watch Winder Store is an authorized distributor of BOXY products in the USA.