Double Watch Winders

Watch winders for 2 watches

Automatic watch winders for two watches are available in the following two versions: single- and two-rotor ones. In the first case, two wristwatches are placed on one rotor and rotate synchronously. In the second case, each watch has its own rotor. For more information on choosing an automatic watch winder, please see the Watch Winders FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section.

Single-rotor devices are usually cheaper and more compact, but they have a significant drawback. As two wristwatches are set into one single rotor, they should have the same winding parameters. Two-rotor automatic watch winders allow you to select an individual winding program for each watch. To select a winding program for your watch, visit the watch winding table page.

Even if now you are looking for an automatic watch winder for a single watch, we recommend that you choose an automatic watch winder capable of winding 2 or 3 wristwatches, as your collection can be replenished in the future.

Some models in our catalog have a storage compartment for several watches. You can store wristwatches that do not require winding (for example, quartz ones) in this storage compartment.

Many automatic watch winders have a built-in battery compartment. If you own an expensive watch, you can put your automatic watch winder with a wristwatch inside into a storage vault. Thanks to this, your watch will be safe and ready to use at any time.

If you own several expensive or rare watches, we recommend that you buy a safe with an automatic watch winder.