SOTHIS winding parameters


  • «CW» - Clockwise winding direction;
  • «CCW» - Counterclockwise winding direction;
  • «Both» - Combined mode (Clockwise + Counterclockwise);
  • «» - Undefined;

Chronograph Big BridgeDD 2025Both650
Chronograph Big Bridge IIDD 2025Both650
Chronograph CentralS-60Both650
Chronograph ClassicoValjoux 7750 or 7753CW800
Chronograph HorusValjoux 7750CW800
Chronograph IkarusValjoux 7750CW800
Chronograph JanusValjoux 7750CW800
Chronograph PegasusValjoux 7750CW800
Chronograph Spirit of Moon 39ETA Valjoux 7751CW800
Chronograph Spirit of Moon 42ETA Valjoux 7751CW800
Chronograph Spirit of Moon IkarusETA Valjoux 7751CW800
Chronograph Spirit of Moon OsirisETA Valjoux 7751CW800
Chronograph Spirit of Moon PrestigeETA Valjoux 7751CW800
Chronograph StardustValjoux 7750CW800
Chronograph Triga
Lady BridgeETA 2000CW650
Pharo ChronographValjoux 7750CW800
Quantieme Spirit of MoonDD 9000 moduleBoth650
StardustValjoux 7750CW800
World Time ChronographValjoux 7750CW800
World Time Chronograph IIValjoux 7750CW800
World Time Chronograph GMT FormulaValjoux 7754CW800
World Time Chronograph Grand PrixValjoux 7754CW800

If you could not find your watch model (or caliber) in this table, you may determine your SOTHIS winding mode on a trial basis. You should select the combined winding mode (CW+CCW) and the minimal number of turns per day (TPD). Then place your watch into the winder and check after a few days how accurate your watch shows the time. If it runs behind, it is necessary to increase the number of TPD by one step.