IWC winding parameters


  • «CW» - Clockwise winding direction;
  • «CCW» - Counterclockwise winding direction;
  • «Both» - Combined mode (Clockwise + Counterclockwise);
  • «» - Undefined;

IWC 375Both650
IWC 790CW800
IWC 884/2Both800
IWC 887/2Both800
IWC 889/1Both800
IWC 891/2Both800
IWC 917Both800
IWC 960Both800
IWC 964Both800
IWC 2717CW800
IWC 5000Both800
IWC 5011Both800
IWC 7901CW800
IWC 7922CW800
IWC 30110Both650
IWC 30130Both650
IWC 30710Both650
IWC 32111Both800
IWC 37521Both650
IWC 37524Both650
IWC 37526Both650
IWC 37582Both650
IWC 50612Both800
IWC 50900Both800
IWC 50910Both800
IWC 51010Both800
IWC 51011Both800
IWC 51110Both800
IWC 51111Both800
IWC 51113Both800
IWC 51610Both800
IWC 51613Both800
IWC 51614Both800
IWC 79091CW800
IWC 79230CW800
IWC 79240CW800
IWC 79251CW800
IWC 79261CW800
IWC 79320CW800
IWC 79350CW800
IWC 79470CW800
IWC 80111Both500-950
IWC 89360
IWC 89800
IWC 96061Both800
Aquatimer 140 years 2008Both800
Aquatimer 329001Both650
Aquatimer 329002Both650
Aquatimer 329003Both650
Aquatimer 329004Both650
Aquatimer Automatic: 3548IWC 30110Both650
Aquatimer Cousteau Limited EditionBoth650
Aquatimer Automatic: 358002 2000Both650
Aquatimer Automatic: 3231IWC 80111Both500-950
Aquatimer Automatic 328801IWC 32111Both800
Aquatimer Automatic 2000: 3538, 3568IWC 30110Both650
Aquatimer Automatic - Jubilee Edition 1868-2008: 3231IWC 80111Both500-950
Aquatimer Chrono-Automatic: 3719IWC 79320CW800
Aquatimer Chronograph: 3767IWC 79320CW800
Aquatimer Chronograph: 3767 Gallapagos IslandsCW800
Aquatimer Chronograph "Cousteau Divers": 3782IWC 79320CW800
Aquatimer Chronograph Edition Boesch: 3782IWC 79320CW800
Aquatimer Chronograph Edition Galapagos: 376705IWC 79320CW800
Aquatimer Chronograph 376801CW800
Aquatimer Chronograph 376802CW800
Aquatimer Chronograph 376803CW800
Aquatimer Chronograph 376804CW800
Aquatimer Chronograph Rose Gold: 3769IWC 89360Both800
Aquatimer Chronograph 379502 Gallapagos IslandsCW800
Aquatimer Chronograph 379503 Charles DarvinCW800
Aquatimer Chronograph 50years S.f.Galapagos 379504CW800
Aquatimer Chronograph Cousteau DiversCW800
Aquatimer Chronograph Jacques-Yves CousteauCW800
Aquatimer Deep OneBoth650
Aquatimer Deep Two: 3547IWC 30110Both650
Aquatimer Deep Three 355701Both650
Aquatimer Edition BoeschCW800
Aquatimer Edition GallapagosCW800
Aquatimer Ltd. Ed. "Cousteau Divers": 3548IWC 30110Both650
Aquatimer Split Minute Chronograph: 3723IWC 79470CW800
Big Ingenieur: 5005IWC 51113Both800
Big Ingenieur Chronograph: 3784IWC 89360
Big Pilot's Watch: 5002, 5004IWC 5011 or 51110 or 51111Both800
Big Pilot's Watch Edition Antoine de Saint Exupéry: 5004IWC 51111Both800
Big Pilot's Watch Le Petit Prince 502802Both800
Chronograph Amalfi: 3703IWC 7901CW800
Chrono Top Gun Boutique EditionBoth800
Chrono Top Gun KeramikCW800
Da Vinci 140 years 42mm 2008Both800
Da Vinci Auto Chronograph: 3750, 3758, 9252IWC 79261CW800
Da Vinci Automatic: 4523, 5231IWC 30130Both650
Da Vinci Automatic Edition Jubilee 1868-2008: 5461IWC 80111Both500-950
Da Vinci Automatic Precious Stones: 4523IWC 30130Both650
Da Vinci Calendar 89360Both800
Da Vinci ChronographCW800
Da Vinci Chronograph: 3750CW800
Da Vinci Chronograph: 3758CW800
Da Vinci Chronograph: 3764IWC 89360Both800
Da Vinci Chronograph: 9252CW800
Da Vinci Chronograph Ceramic: 3766IWC 89360Both800
Da Vinci Chronograph Ceramic: IW376601Both800
Da Vinci Chronograph Edition Laureus Sport for Good Foundation: 376404IWC 89360
Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Digital 2009Both800
Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month: 3761IWC 89800
Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Digital 376107Both800
Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Edition Kurt Klaus: 376203, 376204, 376205IWC 79261CW800
Da Vinci Rattrapante: 3751, 3754, 9254IWC 79251CW800
Da Vinci SL Auto: 3528, 9268IWC 37524Both650
Grande Complication: 3770, 9270IWC 79091CW800
Flieger Chrono Edition Antoine de Saint ExuperyBoth800
Fliegeruhr Chrono Top Gun 3880CW800
Fliegeruhr Chrono Top Gun Miramar 3880CW800
Fliegeruhr Doppelchrono 3778CW800
Fliegeruhr Doppelchrono Edition Patrouille SuisseCW800
Fliegeruhr Doppelchrono Edition Top GunCW800
Fliegeruhr Edition Antoine de Saint ExuperyBoth800
Fliegeruhr World TimerBoth650
Grande Complication 3770CW800
Grande Complication 5042Both800
Grande Complication 9270CW800
Grosse Fliegeruhr 5009Both800
Grosse Fliegeruhr Edition DFBBoth800
Grosse Fliegeruhr Perpetual Calendar Le Petit Prince 51613Both800
Grosse Fliegeruhr Perpetual Calendar Top Gun 5029Both800
Grosse Fliegeruhr Perpetual Calendar Top Gun Boutique Edition 51614Both800
Grosse Fliegeruhr Top Gun Miramar 5019Both800
GST: 3715Based on Valjoux 7750CW800
GST Aquatimer: 3536IWC 37524Both650
GST Automatic Alarm: 3537IWC 917Both800
GST Chronograph Automatic: 3707, 9277IWC 7922CW800
GST Chrono Rattrapante: 3715IWC 79230CW800
GST Deep One: 3527IWC 8914Both800
GST Perpetual Calendar: 3756IWC 79261CW800
Ingenieur (New Model)Both800
Ingenieur 140 Years 2008Both800
Ingenieur 8-daysBoth800
Ingenieur Automatic: 3227IWC 80110Both650
Ingenieur Automatic: 3234, 3233IWC 80111Both500-950
Ingenieur Automatic AMG: 3227IWC 80110Both650
Ingenieur AMG Black Series Ceramic 3225Both800
Ingenieur Automatic Edition "Climate Action": 3234IWC 80111Both500-950
Ingenieur Automatic Edition Zinédine Zidane: 3234IWC 80111Both500-950
Ingenieur Automatic Edition Jubilee 1868-2008: 3223IWC 80111Both500-950
Ingenieur Automatic Edition "Mission Earth": 3236IWC 80110Both500-950
Ingenieur Automatic Edition Mission Earth "Adventure Ecology"IWC 80110Both500-950
Ingenieur Big 2010Both800
Ingenieur Big 5005Both800
Ingenieur Big Chrono DFB 3784Both800
Ingenieur Big PlatinBoth800
Ingenieur Carbon Perfomance 3224Both800
Ingenieur Carbon Perfomance 3224 Limited EditionBoth800
Ingenieur ChronographIWC 80110Both650
Ingenieur Chronograph: 3725IWC 79350CW800
Ingenieur Chronograph AMG: 3725IWC 79350CW800
Ingenieur Chronograph DFB 2009Both800
Ingenieur Chronograph RacerBoth800
Ingenieur Chronometer 3521Both800
Ingenieur Climate ActionBoth800
Ingenieur Doppelchronograph Titan 3865CW800
Ingenieur Dual Time Titan 3264Both650
Ingenieur Midsize: 4515IWC 30110Both650
Ingenieur Mission EarthBoth800
Ingenieur Mission Earth PlastikiBoth800
Ingenieur "Officially Certified Chronometer"or Spitfire UTC: 3521, 9239IWC 887/2Both800
Ingenieur Perpetual Calendar Digital Date Month 3792Both800
Ingenieur SIHH 2013Both650
Ingenieur Silberpfeil 89361Both800
IWC Porsche Design Chronograph 02: 3701IWC 790CW800
IWC Porsche Design Compass: 3510, 3511, 3551IWC 375Both650
IWC Porsche Design Ocean 500: 3503, 3523IWC 375Both650
IWC Porsche Design Ocean 2000: 3500, 3504, 3524IWC 375Both650
IWC Porsche Design Titan Automatic: 3520IWC 375Both650
IWC Porsche Design Titanium Chronograph: 3702, 3704IWC 790CW800
Lady's Mark XII: 4421IWC 964Both800
Mark XVIBoth650
Mark XVII 41mm 30110Both650
Mark XVII Edition Le petit Prince 30110Both650
Mystere SqueletteBoth800
Novocento Perpetual Calendar: 3546, 9237IWC 96061Both800
Novocento Automatic: 3226IWC 960Both800
Pilot's ChronographIWC 7922CW800
Pilot's - Split-Seconds Chronograph: 3711, 3713IWC 79230CW800
Pilot's Watch Chrono-Automatic: 3706, 3717IWC 79320CW800
Pilot's Watch Chrono-Automatic Edition Antoine de Saint Exupery: 3717IWC 79320CW800
Pilot's Watch Chrono-Automatic Edition TOP GUN: 3789Both800
Pilot's Watch Double Chronograph: 3786, 79420IWC 79230CW800
Pilot's Watch Double Chronograph Edition TOP GUN: 3799IWC 79230CW800
Pilot's Watch for Father: 5004IWC 51111Both800
Pilot's Watch for Son: 3255IWC 30110Both650
Pilot's Watch Mark XII: 3241IWC 884/2Both800
Pilot's Watch Mark XV: 3253IWC 37524Both650
Pilot's Watch Mark XVl: 3255IWC 30110Both650
Pilot's Watch Midsize: 3256IWC 30110Both650
Pilot's Watch TOP GUN Miramar 89365Both800
Pilot's Watch UTC: 3251IWC 37526Both650
Pilot's Watch UTC Edition Antoine de Saint Exupéry: 3261IWC 30710CW800
Portofino Automatic: 3510, 3513IWC 37521Both650
Portofino Automatic: 3533, 356501IWC 301101Both650
Portofino Automatic: 3563IWC 30110Both650
Portofino Chrono 3910Both650
Portofino Chrono 75320CW800
Portofino Chrono 79320CW800
Portofino Chronograph: 3783IWC 79320CW800
Portofino DualtimeBoth800
Portofino Midsize: 3564IWC 30110Both650
Portofino Perpetual Calendar: 3541IWC 37582Both650
Portugieser Automatic: 3531IWC 891/2Both800
Portugieser Automatic: 5001IWC 51010 or 51011Both800
Portugieser Automatic 2000: 5000IWC 5000Both800
Portugieser Automatic 51011Both800
Portugieser Automatic w/date: 3532IWC 889/2Both800
Portugieser Chronograph - Automatic: 3714IWC 79240 or 79350CW800
Portugieser Chrono- Automatic Edition Laureus Sport for Good Foundation: 3714IWC 79350CW800
Portugieser Chrono Classic 89361Both800
Portugieser Chrono Classic Yacht ClubBoth800
Portugieser Grande Complication: 3774IWC 79091CW800
Portugieser Perpetual CalendarIWC 5000 / 5011Both800
Portugieser Perpetual Calendar: 5021IWC 50612 or 51614Both800
Portugieser Perpetual Calendar II: 5022IWC 51610 or 51613Both800
Portugieser Perpetual Calendar: 5023, 5032Both800
Portugieser Perpetual Calendar: 51613Both800
Portugieser Perpetual Calendar: 79091WC800
Portugieser Perpetual Calendar Edition Luis Figo: 5021IWC 51610Both800
Portugieser Tourbillon Mystere: 5042IWC 50900Both800
Portugieser Tourbillon Mystere Rétrograde: 5044Both800
Portugieser Tourbillon Mystere Squelette: 5043IWC 50910Both800
Portugieser Yacht Club Chronograph: IWC390206, IWC 390209IWC 89360Both800
Portugieser Yacht Club Chrono: IWC89361 2012Both800
Portugieser Yacht Club Chrono: IWC89360 2013, IWC89361 2013 LaureusBoth800
Romain Demi-Plat Automatic: 3208IWC 889/1Both800
Spitfire Chrono-Automatic Edition Antoine de Saint Exupery: 3717IWC 79320CW800
Spitfire ChronographIWC 7922CW800
Spitfire Chronograph 89365Both800
Spitfire Chronograph Automatic: 3706, 3717IWC 79320CW800
Spitfire Double Chronograph: 3718IWC 79230CW800
Spitfire Mark XVIWC 37524Both650
Spitfire Mark XVl: 3255IWC 30110Both650
Spitfire MidsizeIWC 30110Both650
Spitfire Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-MonthBoth800
Spitfire UTC: 3251IWC 30710Both650
Skelett: 2701IWC 2717CW800
Vater&Sohn SohnBoth650
Vater&Sohn VaterBoth800

If you could not find your watch model (or caliber) in this table, you may determine your IWC winding mode on a trial basis. You should select the combined winding mode (CW+CCW) and the minimal number of turns per day (TPD). Then place your watch into the winder and check after a few days how accurate your watch shows the time. If it runs behind, it is necessary to increase the number of TPD by one step.