HAMILTON winding parameters


  • «CW» - Clockwise winding direction;
  • «CCW» - Counterclockwise winding direction;
  • «Both» - Combined mode (Clockwise + Counterclockwise);
  • «» - Undefined;

Aqua Riva Automatic Chronograph 44mmAutomatic 7753CW800
Aqua Riva GMTAutomatic 2893Both650
Aqua Riva Power ReserveAutomatic 2897Both650
Below ZERO Auto 2824Automatic 2824Both650
Below ZERO Auto 2826Automatic 2826Both650
Below ZERO Auto Chrono 7750Automatic 7750CW800
Brooke XLAutomatic 2824-2Both650
Chronograph LEAutomatic 7750CW800
Codebreaker AutomaticBoth650
Codebreaker ChronoCW800
Dodson AutomaticAutomatic 2895-2Both650
Flintridge GentBoth650
GMT AnimationBoth650
Jazzmaster Automatic ChronographAutomatic 7750 / 7753CW800
Jazzmaster Face 2 faceBoth650
Jazzmaster Lady AutomaticAutomatic 2824-2Both650
Jazzmaster MaestroAutomatic 7750CW800
Jazzmaster Medium 34mmAutomatic 2671Both650
Jazzmaster MoonphaseAutomatic 7751CW800
Jazzmaster Open HeartAutomatic 2824Both650
Jazzmaster Open SecretAutomatic 7750CW800
Jazzmaster Power ReserveAutomatic 2897Both650
Jazzmaster RegulateurBoth650
Jazzmaster Seaview AutomaticAutomatic 2824Both650
Jazzmaster Seaview Medium 37mmAutomatic 2824Both650
Jazzmaster SkeletonAutomatic 2894Both650
Jazzmaster SlimAutomatic 2892Both650
Jazzmaster Slim AutomaticBoth650
Jazzmaster Square Auto ChronographAutomatic 2894Both650
Jazzmaster Square AutomaticAutomatic 2824Both650
Jazzmaster Tonneau AutomaticAutomatic 2824Both650
Jazzmaster TravelerAutomatic 2893-2Both650
Jazzmaster ViewmaticAutomatic 2824-2Both650
Jazzmaster Viewmatic SkeletonBoth650
Khaki Action 44mmCW800
Khaki Action Automatic 40mmAutomatic 2824-2Both650
Khaki Aviation Automatic 44mmAutomatic 7753CW800
Khaki Aviation COSCAutomatic 7753CW800
Khaki Aviation OneAutomatic 2895-2Both650
Khaki BASE Jump Automatic 50mmAutomatic 2824Both650
Khaki BASE Jump Auto Chrono 50mmAutomatic 7750CW800
Khaki Code BreakerAutomatic 7753CW800
Khaki Conservation 42mmAutomatic 2893Both650
Khaki Field AutomaticAutomatic 2824-2Both650
Khaki Field Auto ChronographAutomatic 7750CW800
Khaki Frogman Auto ChronoCW800
Khaki GMTAutomatic 2893-1Both650
Khaki GMT Air RaceAutomatic 2893-1Both650
Khaki KingAutomatic 2834-2Both650
Khaki King Auto ChronographAutomatic 7750CW800
Khaki King PilotBoth650
Khaki NavyAutomatic 2824Both650
Khaki Navy FrogmanAutomatic 2895-2Both650
Khaki Navy Frogman ChronographAutomatic 7750CW800
Khaki Navy GMTAutomatic 2893-1Both650
Khaki Navy PioneerBoth650
Khaki Navy RegattaAutomatic 7750CW800
Khaki Navy SUB ChronoCW800
Khaki Officer AutoAutomatic 2895Both650
Khaki Officer Auto ChronographAutomatic 7750CW800
Khaki Pilot Pioneer ChronoCW800
Khaki Pilot Pioneer AluminiumBoth650
Khaki Skymaster UTCBoth650
Khaki Tachymeter ChronoCW800
Khaki Take off LimitedCW800
Khaki TachymilerAutomatic 7750CW800
Khaki UTCCW800
Khaki X-Copter 44mmAutomatic 7750CW800
Khaki X-Landing Ltd. Ed.Automatic 7754CW800
Khaki X-Mach Auto ChronoAutomatic 7750CW800
Khaki X-PatrolCW800
Khaki X-Wind Auto ChronoAutomatic 7750CW800
Khaki X-Wind Limited EditionCW800
Linwood AutomaticAutomatic 2824-2Both650
Linwood Viewmatic AutomaticAutomatic 2824-2Both650
Lloyd AutomaticAutomatic 2824-2Both650
Modern Times Pan EuropeCW800
Mount Vernon ChronographAutomatic 7750CW800
Mount Vernon XL AutomaticAutomatic 2895-1Both650
Open Secret ChronoCW800
Pan Europe ChronoCW800
Pan Europe Day DateBoth650
Pulsomatic DigitalBoth650
RailRoad 38mmAutomatic 2824Both650
RailRoad 44mmAutomatic A07.511CW800
RailRoad 46mmAutomatic A07.211CW800
RailRoad Auto ChronoAutomatic A07.211CW800
RailRoad Small SecondBoth650
Seaview 1000 ft.Automatic 2824Both650
Seaview Automatic 46mmGMT 2824-2Both650
Seaview AutoChrono 44mmAutomatic 7753CW800
Seaview Day / DateAutomatic 2836Both650
Seaview GMT 42mmGMT 2893-2Both650
Take off Chrono Limited EditionCW800
Trent AutomaticAutomatic 2824-2Both650
US 66 Power Reserve Ltd. Ed.50mmAutomatic 2897Both650
US 66 Small Second Ltd. Ed. 44mmAutomatic 2895Both650
Ventura 50th AnniversaryBoth650
Ventura AutomaticAutomatic 2824Both650
Ventura XXL AutomaticAutomatic 2824-2Both650
Ventura XXL Elvis' Anniversary CollectionAutomatic 2824Both650
Ventura XXL GracelandBoth650
Ventura XXL WhiteBoth650
X-Copter ChronoCW800

If you could not find your watch model (or caliber) in this table, you may determine your HAMILTON winding mode on a trial basis. You should select the combined winding mode (CW+CCW) and the minimal number of turns per day (TPD). Then place your watch into the winder and check after a few days how accurate your watch shows the time. If it runs behind, it is necessary to increase the number of TPD by one step.