BUTI winding parameters


  • «CW» - Clockwise winding direction;
  • «CCW» - Counterclockwise winding direction;
  • «Both» - Combined mode (Clockwise + Counterclockwise);
  • «» - Undefined;

Blue Titanium 1 Ltd. EditionJaquet 8112CW800
Blue Titanium 2 Ltd. EditionJaquet 8112CW800
Carbonium MoonETA 7751CW800
Carbonium Riserva di Carica CronoETA 7750CW800
Carbonium Riserva di Carica Con PaveETA 7753CW800
Essens Cronografo Meccanico Automatico BicompaxValjoux 7750CW800
Evont Reserva Di Carica CronoValjoux 7750CW800
Evont TricompaxValjoux 7753CW800
Evont Tricompax Con Lunetto OroValjoux 7753CW800
Fausto Automatic Jaquet 8147 ChronographJaquet 8147CW800
Fausto Automatic ChronographValjoux 7750CW800
FB One Top
GalileoJaquet 8771CW800
GiottoJaquet 8112CW800
GMT Black 1 Ltd. EditionJaquet 8112CW800
GMT Black 2 Ltd. EditionJaquet 8112CW800
LoopETA 2836-2Both650
Ltd. Ed. Tricompax Mondiali 2010Valjoux 7753CW800
LulùCandino 28362-1Both650
Lulù AcciaioETA 2824Both650
Lulù OroETA 2824Both650
Magnum RattrapanteValjoux 7750CW800
Magnum Sport Titanio Riserva Di CaricaETA 2892-A2Both650
Magnum Sport Titanio TricompaxValjoux 7753CW800
Magnum Sport Oro TricompaxValjoux 7753CW800
Magnum Sport Oro Riserva Di Carica CronoValjoux 7750CW800
Michelangelo Gran Data CollectionDubois-Depraz on ETA 2892-2Both650
PalladioJaquet modified Valjoux 7750CW800
"Precious Gems" Range Chronograph Yanick Ltd. EditionJaquet 8147CW800
"Precious Gems" Range Lulu Ltd. Ed.Candino 28362-1 on ETABoth650
Rattrapante Black 1 Ltd. EditionJaquet 8771CW800
Rattrapante Black 2 Ltd. EditionJaquet 8771CW800
SharkJaquet modified Valjoux 7750CW800
Shark Cronografo Automatico TricompaxJaquet 8147CW800
Shark SJaquet modified Valjoux 7750CW800
YanickJaquet modified Valjoux 7750CW800
Yanick Special ChronographJaquet 8147CW800
Yanick II Acciaio Tricompax Lunetta DiamantiValjoux 7753CW800
Yanick II ChronographMJaquet 8147CW800
Yanick II Bicompax Tital ChronographJaquet 8147CW800
Yanick II Fasi LunaValjoux 7751CW800
Yanick Special
Yanick II Sport Black Rain RattrapanteValjoux 7750CW800
Yanick II Sport OroValjoux 7753CW800
Yanick II Tricompax Tital chronographJaquet 8147CW800
Yanick Special ChronographCW800
Yanick Sport Range Ltd. EditionJaquet 8147CW800

If you could not find your watch model (or caliber) in this table, you may determine your BUTI winding mode on a trial basis. You should select the combined winding mode (CW+CCW) and the minimal number of turns per day (TPD). Then place your watch into the winder and check after a few days how accurate your watch shows the time. If it runs behind, it is necessary to increase the number of TPD by one step.