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  • Watch Safe with Built-In Alarm System (Brown)

    • ALL VALUABLES INSIDE: 8 watch winder rotors, and large multi-purpose compartment for money, jewelry, documents and other valuables.
    • STRONG SECURITY: The safe-box is made of solid steel. The door has four locking bolts, hidden hinges and an electronic code lock.
    • TWO-STAGE ACCESS: The safe cannot be opened without entering the access code. If the key is lost or stolen, your valuables will still be safe.
    • The ALARM SYSTEM has an autonomous power supply and can't be disabled by disconnecting the AC power. The safe has a built-in motion sensor - the alarm is sounded if any displacement is detected.
    • TOP GRADE WATCH WINDERS: Each rotor pair can be programmed individually and set up for any of the 15 available winding programs. This provides COMPATIBILITY for all watch models. Soft polyurethane watch holders FIT ANY strap or bracelet SIZE and can be used for men's and women's watches.
    • GREAT APPEARANCE: A soft faux leather finish gives the safe an elegant appearance.
    • INTERIOR BACKLIGHT is activated automatically when the door is opened.

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Watch safes with winding function

As the technology progresses, wristwatches gradually lose their original function, as modern smartphones and other gadgets are chronometers of much higher accuracy. At present, wristwatches can be classified as prestigious accessories or even works of art. The price of high-quality mechanical watches manufactured by well-known brands can reach dozens thousands of US dollars.

If you own expensive or rare collection watches, you must seriously consider the issue of ensuring their safety. Our online store offers a specialized solution for storing mechanical watches - storage safes with automatic winding. By ordering a special safe, you can not only ensure the safety of your collection, but also use the function of constant winding.

Thanks to the self-winding function, all watches in your safe will be ready for use at any time. Virtually all safes from our catalog have flexible-purpose compartments. You can store documents, money, jewels and other valuables in them.

If you already have a secure safe, you can buy a battery-powered automatic watch winder. Such a solution will also provide automatic winding for your watches, but it has a number of drawbacks. First, you will need to replace batteries every 2-3 months. In addition, battery-powered automatic watch winders are quite large and take up a lot of space inside the safe.