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Necktie boxes

The first tie as we know it today appeared in the middle of the 19th century. The look of a tie was constantly changing. Wide, long, and short ties were the most popular at different times. Nevertheless, today a tie is also a mandatory addition to a classic men’s suit.

If business style is your daily dress code, you probably own a large collection of ties. Our online store offers a variety of boxes to store your ties

Most boxes on our website have 9 to 12 storage cells. All tie boxes have glass covers, their cases have a wood grain finish and are covered with three layers of glossy varnish.

You can order a tie box in our online store and place your favorite items from your collection in it. The TOP 12 ties from your collection will be neatly stacked in cells, and you will be able to easily select the right tie to complement your image.

Some boxes have small compartments for cufflinks and tie clips.