Boxy Fancy Brick Drive Belts Set (2 pcs)
Boxy Fancy Brick Drive Belts Set (2 pcs) Boxy Fancy Brick Drive Belts Set (2 pcs) Boxy Fancy Brick Drive Belts Set (2 pcs)

Boxy Fancy Brick Drive Belts Set (2 pcs)

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  • BOXY FANCY BRICK watch winder drive belts (2 pcs).

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Product Description
Boxy Fancy Brick original drive belts set.

Product description:
The set includes 2 original Boxe Fancy Brick drive belts.
Please watch the replacement video on Youtube:

Product features:

  • Material: Rubber;

Brand Info

Abest BOXY was established in Taiwan in 2000 and is specializing in the manufacturing of watch winders since September 2001. BOXY’s products have successfully found its market place due to the affordable price for devices with low level of power consumption, attractive elegant design and operational reliability.

We offer the following product series of this brand on our web-site:


This is a unique system intended to wind and store automatic watches. Brick represents the construction material. And this is exactly how the system works: you can build your winding system brick by brick by adding new blocks powering each other.


Fancy Brick Winder System is an advanced equivalent of Brick Winder System. It has been complemented by a vivid external design and a range of colors, ON/OFF touch-sensitive button, 45 winding modes and increased height of external lid.


Castle product line: A lid that slowly moves down imitates the movement of a draw bridge of medieval castle, which highlights the greatness of this building. White LED-lighting allows to see your watch in the dark. Castle winders are produced in two different colors and three modifications: to wind up one, two or four watches.

BOXY winders are produced in Taiwan using MABUCHI Japanese motors, so that they work almost silently.

BOXY devices are equipped with electronic system which counts the number of turns. Watch winder rotor always stops at same position.

Watch Winder Store is an authorized distributor of BOXY products in the USA.

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SKU FB-Belts
Country Taiwan
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