Compact Watch Winder Safe
Compact Watch Winder Safe Compact Watch Winder Safe Compact Watch Winder Safe Compact Watch Winder Safe Compact Watch Winder Safe Compact Watch Winder Safe Compact Watch Winder Safe Compact Watch Winder Safe Compact Watch Winder Safe Compact Watch Winder Safe Compact Watch Winder Safe

Compact Watch Winder Safe

SKU: Safe-SBB-2045

Safe for winding 6 automatic watches

With alarm and electronic-code lock

Metal body

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Product Description

For winding six watches.
Body material: metal.
External finish: eco-leather.
Interior lining: eco-leather.

Polyurethane pillow.
Maximum watch diameter: 2,4 inches

Additional options:
- LED lighting;
- alarm;
- electronic-code lock;
- Power adapter included.

Product dimensions (WxLxH): 17,9х15,8х8,1 inches
Package size (WxLxH): 18,9х16,9х9,5 inches
Gross weight: 83,8 lbs

User Manual
User Manual

Electronic lock management:
For initial opening of safe, you will need two keys. Open the door, insert four AA batteries into the compartment on the inner surface of the door. Close the door and enter your six-digit code and then press #. The door will lock down, and the board will indicate “CLOSED”. To open the door, just enter your new code.

Watch winder operation:

To ensure operation of the motors, insert the adapter plug into the socket located in the back. Now, you may choose one of 15 rotor spinning modes. Adjoining rotors (located on the same panel) are controlled by a separate selector.

Each pair of winding rotors is controlled by two selectors.
First selector defines the rotating direction: clockwise, counterclockwise and bi-directional. When selector is in OFF position - rotors are switched off.
Second selector is for adjusting the number of turns per day:
Mode I – 650 turns;
Mode II – 750 turns;
Mode III – 850 turns;
Mode IV – 1000 turns;
Mode V – 1950 turns.

Brand Info

Leader Watch Winders is our own brand.

Since 2010, we have learned to create functional, attractive, and most importantly, reliable watch winders. Every year we launch new models. Each of them becomes a symbol of quality and convenience.

In order to minimize our production costs, we placed our manufacturing facilities in Guangzhou, China, where we also organized a design department in addition to the production premises.

Our major market outlets are the USA and Russia. We are planning to launch an online shop in Germany by the end of 2020 to supply Europe with our winders.

Apart from winder production, we upgrade safe boxes into safe storage units for your watch collection. Safe boxes are covered with faux and real leather and equipped with internal watch winding systems. Many safe boxes also have an alarm system.

In 2020, we are launching our new model 8030 for winding 30 watches simultaneously. Moreover, this model will have a separate rotor for each watch.

We are proud of our products and we hope you will enjoy using Leader Watch Winders!

Additional Info
SKU Safe-SBB-2045
Brand Leader
Country China
Box Material Metall
Exterior Color Black
Exterior Finish Faux Leather
Interior Color Black
Interior Material Faux Leather
Watch Winding Slots 6
Number of Rotors 3
Watches on Rotor 2
Winding Programs 15
Door Lock Yes
Interior Light Yes
Power Adapter AC 100-240V 50-60Hz
Warranty 12 months
Item Length (inch) 15.8
Item Width (inch) 17.9
Item Height (inch) 8.1
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