PARMIGIANI FLEURIER winding parameters


  • «CW» - Clockwise winding direction;
  • «CCW» - Counterclockwise winding direction;
  • «Both» - Combined mode (Clockwise + Counterclockwise);
  • «» - Undefined;

Basica JoalleriePF 340CW800
Bugatti Aerolithe Flyback Chrono SIHH2014CW540
Bugatti AtalanteCW540
Bugatti Atlantic 43 Flyback ChronographPF 335CW540
Chrono One One FiveBoth650
Forma AutomatiquePF 331.01CW650
Forma XL AutomatiquePF 331.01CW650
Kalpa GrandeCW650
Kalpa Grande Automatique GoldPF 331.01CW650
Kalpa Grande Automatique Gold & PalladiumPF 331.01CW650
Kalpa Grande Automatique PalladiumPF 331.01CW650
Kalpa Grande SteelPF 331.01CW650
Kalpa Grande QFPF 331.01CW650
Kalpa HemispheresCW650
Kalpa TondaCW650
Kalpa Tonda Automatique Gold 39mmPF 331.01CW650
Kalpa Tonda Automatique Gold 42mmPF 331.01CW650
Kalpa Tonda Automatique QF 39mmPF 331.01CW650
Kalpa Tonda Automatique Skeleton 39mmPF 331.01CW650
Kalpa Tonda Automatique Skeleton 42mmPF 331.01CW650
Kalpa Tonda Hemispheres 42PF 337.01CW650
Kalpa Tonda SkeletonCW650
Kalpa Tonda Skeleton Big SizeCW650
Kalpa XL Automatic GoldPF 331.02CW650
Kalpa XL Automatic SteelPF 331.02CW650
KalpagraphPF 334.01CW670
Kalparisma AutomaticPF 331CW650
Kalparisma Automatic with DatePF 331CW650
Phershing 002PF 334.01CW670
Phershing 005 (Pershing 45 Chronograph)PF 334.01CW670
Phershing 115PF 190Both670
Phershing ChronoBoth650
Phershing Tourbillon 30 Second AjouréPF 511
Tonda 1950 EditionCW670
Tonda 42 HemispheresCW670
Tonda Full CalendarCW650
Tonda HemispheresCW650
Tonda MetrographeCW650
Tonda MetropolitaineCW650
Tonda PomellatoCW670
Tonda RetrogradeCW670
Toric ChronographPF 190.01Both650
Toric RetrogradeCW650
Toric Retrograde Perpetual CalendarPF 333.01CW650
Toric Retrograde Perpetual Calendar 42PF 333.01CW650

If you could not find your watch model (or caliber) in this table, you may determine your PARMIGIANI FLEURIER winding mode on a trial basis. You should select the combined winding mode (CW+CCW) and the minimal number of turns per day (TPD). Then place your watch into the winder and check after a few days how accurate your watch shows the time. If it runs behind, it is necessary to increase the number of TPD by one step.