ORIS winding parameters


  • «CW» - Clockwise winding direction;
  • «CCW» - Counterclockwise winding direction;
  • «Both» - Combined mode (Clockwise + Counterclockwise);
  • «» - Undefined;

Oris 551Both650
Oris 561Both650
Oris 571Both650
Oris 581Both650
Oris 583Both650
Oris 584Both650
Oris 585Both650
Oris 586Both650
Oris 623Both650
Oris 629Both650
Oris 633Both650
Oris 635Both650
Oris 637Both650
Oris 641Both650
Oris 643Both650
Oris 644Both650
Oris 645Both650
Oris 646Both650
Oris 649Both650
Oris 654Both650
Oris 660Both650
Oris 665Both650
Oris 667Both650
Oris 668Both650
Oris 672CW800
Oris 673CW800
Oris 674CW800
Oris 675CW800
Oris 676CW800
Oris 677CW800
Oris 679CW800
Oris 680CW800
Oris 690Both650
Oris 695Both650
Oris 733Both650
Oris 734Both650
Oris 908CW800
1904 Centennial Set Steel WorldtimerOris 690Both650
4e RHFS Limited EditionCW800
Air Racing Edition IIIBoth650
Aquis Date DiamondsBoth650
Aquis Depth GaugeBoth650
Aquis Regulateur 2013Both650
Aquis Titan ChronoCW800
Artelier AlarmOris 908CW820
Artelier Big DateOris 665Both650
Artelier ChronographOris 674/75CW800
Artelier Chronograph (2004)Oris 676CW800
Artelier Chronometer DateOris 637Both650
Artelier ComplicationOris 581Both650
Artelier DateOris 633Both650
Artelier Date DiamondsOris 561Both650
Artelier Jumping HourBoth650
Artelier Lady DateOris 561Both650
Artelier Lady Date DiamondsOris 561Both650
Artelier Pointer DateOris 644Both650
Artelier RegulateurBoth650
Artelier SkeletonOris 734Both650
Artelier Small Second, DateOris 623Both650
Artelier Small Second, Pointer DateOris 644Both650
Artelier Small Second, Pointer DayOris 645Both650
Artelier WorldtimerOris 690Both650
Artix ComplicationBoth650
Artix GT ChronoCW800
Artix GT Day DateBoth650
BC3 Advanced Limited EditionOris 735Both650
BC3 Air Racing Limited EditionBoth650
BC3 ChronographCW800
BC3 Day DateBoth650
BC3 DiversBoth650
BC3 Divers RegulatorBoth650
BC3 PlusBoth650
BC3 SportsmanBoth650
BC3 Sportsman Watch 42mmOris 735Both650
BC4 ChronographOris 674CW800
BC4 "Der Meister flieger"Oris 649Both650
BC4 Pointer DateBoth650
BC4 Flight TimerOris 690Both650
BC4 Small Second, Pointer DayOris 645Both650
Big Crown ChronographOris 674CW800
Big Crown CommandanteOris 641 or 644Both650
Big Crown ComplicationOris 581Both650
Big Crown DiversOris 633 or 635 or 649Both650
Big Crown OriginalOris 654Both650
Big Crown Pointer DateOris 584/654Both650
Big Crown Flight Timer Day DateBoth650
Big Crown Small Second Pointer DateBoth650
Big Crown TelemeterCW800
Big Crown Telemeter ChronographOris 674CW800
Big Crown TimerBoth650
Big Crown Timer ChronographCW800
Big Crown BC3Oris 635Both650
Big Crown BC3 ChronographOris 674/5CW800
Big Crown BC3 Day DateOris 635Both650
Big Crown BC3 DiversOris 635Both650
Big Crown BC3 Divers RegulatorOris 649Both650
Big Crown BC3 PlusOris 635Both650
Big Crown X1 CalculatorCW800
Bob Dylan Limited EditionOris 733Both650
Calobra Limited EditionCW800
Carlos Costis Limited EditionCW800
Challenge International de Tourisme 1932Both650
Chet BakerBoth650
ChronorisOris 672CW800
Chronoris Grand Prix 1970CW800
Chronoris Grand Prix 70 Ltd. Ed. 42.5mmOris 677CW800
Classic & Classic OriginalOris 633 or 637Both650
Classic DateOris 733Both650
Classic Tonneau ComplicationOris 581Both650
Classic Tonneau DateOris 633Both650
Col Moschin Limited Edition 2010Both650
Col Moschin Limited Edition 49mmOris 667Both650
Divers DateOris 733Both650
Divers GMT, DateOris 668Both650
Divers Small Second, DateOris 643Both650
Divers Titan ChronographOris 674CW800
Divers Titan DateOris 733Both650
EleganceOris 629Both650
F1 Team Kazuki Nakjiama 2009Both650
F1 Team PVD ChronographCW800
F1 Team Skeleton EngineBoth650
F1 Team WilliamsBoth650
Flight Timer 2Oris 635Both650
Flight Timer 2 Day DateOris 635Both650
Flight Timer 1945 Limited EditionOris 690Both650
Flight Timer R4118 Limited EditionOris 674CW800
Flight Timer R4118 Chrono Limited EditionCW800
Frank Sinatra ChronographOris 676CW800
Frank Sinatra ComplicationOris 581Both650
Frank Sinatra DateOris 633Both650
Frank Sinatra DuetCW800
Frank Sinatra Lady DateOris 561Both650
Frank Sinatra Ltd. Edition Power ReserveOris 667Both650
Frank Sinatra Small Second, DateOris 643Both650
Full Steel ChronometerOris 646Both650
Full Steel CSOris 643Both650
Full Steel LE MillenniumOris 647Both650
Full Steel Pointer DayOris 645Both650
Full Steel Small SecondOris 643Both650
Full Steel WorldtimerOris 690Both650
Great Barrier Reef Diver Ltd. Ed.Oris 643Both650
John ColtraneBoth650
John McLaughlinOris 641 or 644Both650
Kazuki Nakajima Day Date WatchOris 635Both650
Kittiwake Limited EditionBoth650
Leonhard Euler Limited EditionBoth650
Lionel Hampton Limited EditionOris 583Both650
Louis Armstrong Limited EditionOris 633Both650
Maledives Limited EditionBoth650
Mark Webber Limited Edition ChronographOris 675Both650
Meistertaucher RegulateurBoth650
Miles ChronographOris 674/5CW800
Miles ComplicationOris 581Both650
Miles DayOris 583Both650
Miles Day/DateOris 585Both650
Miles LadiesOris 561Both650
Miles Ladies DiamondsOris 561Both650
Miles Rectangular ComplicationOris 581Both650
Miles Rectangular DateOris 561Both650
Miles Rectangular Day DateOris 585Both650
Miles Rectangular DiamondsOris 561Both650
Miles Rectangular Mother of PearlOris 561Both650
Miles Tonneau ChronographOris 675CW800
Miles Tonneau Day DateOris 635Both650
Miles Tonneau WorldtimerOris 690Both650
Miles WorldtimerOris 690Both650
Modern ClassicOris 633/7 or 644Both650
Oscar Peterson Ltd. Ed.Oris 733Both650
Pointer Calendar LEOris 641Both650
Pro Diver ChronoCW800
Pro Diver MoonBoth650
Pro Diver Pointer MoonBoth650
Pro Diver Titan ChronoCW800
RAID Alarm Limited Edition 2011CW800
RAID Chronograph Limited EditionOris 676CW800
RAID Chronograph Limited Edition 2011CW800
RAID Chronograph Limited Edition 2013CW800
Rectangular Bob DylanBoth650
Rectangular ClassicOris 561 or 583Both650
Rectangular DateOris 561Both650
Rectangular Date 2008Oris 561Both650
Rectangular Date DiamondsOris 561Both650
Rectangular Day DateOris 585Both650
Rectangular Titan ChronoCW800
Regulateur DiverBoth650
Regulateur "Der Meistertaucher"Oris 649Both650
Regulateur "Der Meistertaucher" 49mmBoth650
RFDS Limited EditionBoth650
Royal Fliying Doctors ServiceBoth650
RUF CTR3 ChronographETA 7750CW800
Swiss Hunter Team 2009Both650
Swiss Hunter Team PS EditionBoth650
Toots Thielemans LEOris 633Both650
TT1 ChronographOris 674/5CW800
TT1 Date (Ladies)Oris 583/4Both650
TT1 Day DateOris 635Both650
TT1 Day Date LeftyOris 635Both650
TT1 Divers Carlos Coste Ltd. EditionOris 643Both650
TT1 Divers DateOris 633Both650
TT1 Divers Der Meistertaucher RegulateurOris 649Both650
TT1 Divers Titan ChronographOris 674/5CW800
TT1 Divers Titan DateOris 633Both650
TT1 McNish LEOris 635Both650
TT1 Professional DiversOris 649Both650
TT1 WorldtimerOris 690Both650
TT2 Day DateOris 635Both650
TT3 ChronographOris 674CW800
TT3 Chronograph 30 years Williams F1Oris 674CW800
TT3 Chronograph BlackOris 674CW800
TT3 Chronograph, Second Time ZoneOris 677CW800
TT3 Darryl O YoungBoth650
TT3 Darryl O Young ChronoCW800
TT3 Formula Gold Limited EditionOris 680CW800
TT3 Grand Prix Limited EditionOris 635Both650
Tubbataha Limited EditionBoth650
WilliamsF1 ChronoCW800
WilliamsF1 Day DateBoth650
WilliamsF1 Lefty Ltd. EditionOris 673CW800
WilliamsF1 Pointer DateBoth650
WilliamsF1 Skeleton EngineBoth650
WilliamsF1 Team ChronoOris 673/674CW800
WilliamsF1 Team Chrono 600th LECW800
WilliamsF1 Team Chronograph 2008Oris 679CW800
WilliamsF1 Team Day/DateOris 635Both650
WilliamsF1 Team Day Date 2008Oris 635Both650
WilliamsF1 Team Skeleton Engine DateOris 733Both650
Wings Around The WorldOris 654Both650
WorldtimerOris 654 or 690Both650
Worldtimer Jules VerneÂOris 690Both650
Worldtimer MillenniumOris 647Both650
XXL Basel 2001Oris 633Both650
XXL ChronographOris 674/5CW800
XXL ClassicOris 633/7Both650
XXL ComplicationOris 581Both650
XXL Date (Classic City Timer)Oris 633Both650
XXL Full DayOris 660Both650
XXL LEOris 633Both650
XXL Pointer DayOris 674/5CW800
XXL RegulatorOris 649Both650
XXL WorldtimerOris 690 or 695Both650

If you could not find your watch model (or caliber) in this table, you may determine your ORIS winding mode on a trial basis. You should select the combined winding mode (CW+CCW) and the minimal number of turns per day (TPD). Then place your watch into the winder and check after a few days how accurate your watch shows the time. If it runs behind, it is necessary to increase the number of TPD by one step.