HUBLOT winding parameters


  • «CW» - Clockwise winding direction;
  • «CCW» - Counterclockwise winding direction;
  • «Both» - Combined mode (Clockwise + Counterclockwise);
  • «» - Undefined;

1915 TraditionBoth650
Aero Bang All BlackHUB 44CW800
Aero Bang All Black Limited Edition 500CW800
Aero Bang Gold Ceramic Limited EditionHUB 44CW800
Aero Bang Gold Ceramic Limited Edition 500CW800
Aero Bang Morgan Limited EditionHUB 44CW800
Aero Bang Tungsten Limited EditionHUB 44CW800
All BlackCW800
All CarbonCW800
Big BangJaquet 8144CW800
Big Bang - Collection 41HUB 41Both650
Big Bang - Collection 44HUB 44CW800
Big Bang - Collection Classic
Big Bang - Collection KingHUB 21Both650
Big Bang Aero BangCW800
Big Bang Aero Bang CermetCW800
Big Bang Aero Bang GarmischBoth650
Big Bang Aero Bang Gold KeramikCW800
Big Bang Aero Bang MorganCW800
Big Bang Aero Bang Tungsten ChronoCW800
Big Bang All BlackHUB 44CW800
Big Bang All Black ASeCW800
Big Bang All Black II Limited EditionHUB 4100Both650
Big Bang All Black BlueCW800
Big Bang All Black CaratCW800
Big Bang All Black GreenCW800
Big Bang All Black KingCW800
Big Bang Black LemonHUB 4300
Big Bang Black PinkHUB 4300
Big Bang All Black RedCW800
Big Bang All CarbonCW800
Big Bang AmFARCW800
Big Bang Aspen 41mmBoth650
Big Bang Ayrton SennaCW800
Big Bang Black FluoBoth650
Big Bang Black LemonCW800
Big Bang Black MagicHUB 44CW800
Big Bang Black PinkCW800
Big Bang Black Zebra BangCW800
Big Bang Boa BangCW800
Big Bang Bode BangCW800
Big Bang Bullet BangCW800
Big Bang Caviar Red Gold DiamondsBoth650
Big Bang ChocolateCW800
Big Bang Costa SmeraldaBoth650
Big Bang Depeche ModeCW800
Big Bang Depeche Mode TitanCW800
Big Bang Earl Gray DiamondsHUB 1145CW800
Big Bang Earl Gray Gold HematiteHUB 4300
Big Bang Euro 2008CW800
Big Bang FerrariBoth800
Big Bang Ferrari All BlackBoth800
Big Bang Ferrari Carbon Red MagicBoth800
Big Bang Ferrari Ceramic CarbonBoth800
Big Bang Ferrari King GoldBoth800
Big Bang Ferrari Magic GoldBoth800
Big Bang Ferrari TitaniumBoth800
Big Bang Ferrari Titanium CarbonBoth800
Big Bang Ferrari UKBoth800
Big Bang Foudroyante Senna Limited EditionHUB 44CW800
Big Bang FrappuccinoHUB 44CW800
Big Bang Gold 38mmBoth650
Big Bang Gold 44mmHUB 4100Both650
Big Bang Gold KeramikCW800
Big Bang Gold MatCW800
Big Bang Haute JoaillerieHUB 44CW800
Big Bang Ice BangCW800
Big Bang Ice Bang Split SecondsCW800
Big Bang JeansCW800
Big Bang Jeans CaratCW800
Big Bang Jeans DiamondCW800
Big Bang King All Black BlueHUB 21Both650
Big Bang King Black MagicBoth650
Big Bang King DiverBoth650
Big Bang King PowerCW800
Big Bang LeopardCW800
Big Bang Mag BangCW800
Big Bang MaradonaHUB 1146Both650
Big Bang MexicoHUB 4200CW800
Big Bang Polo de ParisHUB 44CW800
Big Bang Porto Cervo 41mmBoth650
Big Bang Porto Cervo 48mmBoth650
Big Bang Purple CaratCW800
Big Bang Smiling Children 38mmBoth650
Big Bang Spirit of Big Bang HUB4700Both650
Big Bang Steel CeramicCW800
Big Bang TantalumHUB 44CW800
Big Bang Tutti Frutti AppleBoth650
Big Bang Tutti Frutti RoseBoth650
Big Bang UNICOCW800
Big Bang UNICO All BlackCW800
Big Bang UNICO Bi-Retrograde-ChronoCW800
Big Bang WallyHUB 4001CW800
Big Bang White Zebra BangCW800
Big Bang Zebra BangCW800
Big Bang Zegg & CerlatiBoth650
Big Bang Zirkonium CeramicBoth650
Black CaviarBoth650
Bode BangHUB 4100Both650
Brown CaratCW800
Bullet BangCW800
Camel CaratCW800
Chrono Super B: 1920Dubois-Depraz 2021Both650
Chukker BangBoth650
Classic FusionHUB 1100Both650-800
Classic Fusion Chrono AeroBoth650
Classic Fusion Chrono Aero PeleBoth650
Classic Fusion Chrono MykonosBoth650
Classic Fusion Chrono Yacht Club de MonacoBoth650
Classic Fusion - FIFA 2010Both650
Classic Fusion - FIFA World CupHUB 1112Both650-800
Classic Fusion - Gold World Cup 2010HUB 1112Both650-800
Classic Fusion JewelleryBoth650
Classic Fusion MykonosBoth650
Classic Fusion Opalin Dial ZirkoniumBoth650
Classic Fusion PeleBoth650
Classique: 1520, 1580ETA 2892-2Both650
Elegant: 1510Frederic Piguet 9.511CCW650
Elegant: 1710ETA 2892/A2Both650
Elegant Chronograph: 1810Dubois-Depraz 2021Both650
Elegant-Medium: 1430ETA 2000CW650-800
Elegant Power Reserve: 1830ETA 2892Both650
F1 King PowerHUB 4100Both650
Gold LeopardCW800
Gold SilverstoneBoth650
Grand Quantieme: 1840Dubois Depraz CaliberBoth650
Joaillery ChronoBoth650
Ice BangHUB 44CW800
King Gold BraceletCW800
King Power 305CW800
King Power 66 HodgsonCW800
King Power AlinghiHUB 4400CW800
King Power All Black Limited EditionHUB 44CW800
King Power Arturo FuenteHUB 4201CW800
King Power Black Ceramic MexicoHUB 4201CW800
King Power Black MambaCW800
King Power Dwyane WadeCW800
King Power F1CW800
King Power F1 IndiaCW800
King Power FC Bayern MünchenCW800
King Power Jose MourinhoBoth820
King Power Juventus TurinCW800
King Power REDMAGICBoth820
King Power UEFA Euro 2012 Poland EditionCW800
King Power UEFA Euro 2012 Ukraine EditionCW800
King Power UNICOBoth820
King Power UNICO GMTBoth820
King Power UNICO King CashBoth820
King Power UNICO TitaniumBoth820
King Power WBC Limited EditionCW800
Movement UNICOBoth820
Mag BangHUB 44CW800
Novelty 41mmETA 2894Both650
Oceanographic 4000 CarbonCW800
Oceanographic 4000 Carbon DenimCW800
Oceanographic 4000 Cheval Blanc RandheliCW800
Oceanographic 4000 Stainless SteelCW800
Professional: 1552ETA 2892/2Both650
RegulatorETA 2892Both650
Red Devil Bang Limited EditionHUB 45CW800
Red Devil Bang II Limited EditionHUB 1146CW800
Red Devil Magic UnicoBoth820
Steel Snow LeopardCW800
Superprofessional: 1850ETA 2892/2Both650
Titanium SilverstoneCW800
Tradition AutomaticBoth650
UrushiETA 2892Both650
White CaviarBoth650
Yacht Club De MonacoHUB 1100Both650
Zirconium BraceletBoth650
HUB 11Both650-800
HUB 21Both650
HUB 41Both650
HUB 42Both650-800
HUB 44CW800
HUB 45CW800
HUB 1100Both650
HUB 1112Both650-800
HUB 1145Both650-800
HUB 1146CW800
HUB 4001
HUB 4100Both650
HUB 4200Both650-800
HUB 4201
HUB 4300
HUB 4400CW800

If you could not find your watch model (or caliber) in this table, you may determine your HUBLOT winding mode on a trial basis. You should select the combined winding mode (CW+CCW) and the minimal number of turns per day (TPD). Then place your watch into the winder and check after a few days how accurate your watch shows the time. If it runs behind, it is necessary to increase the number of TPD by one step.