GLASHUETTE ORIGINAL winding parameters


  • «CW» - Clockwise winding direction;
  • «CCW» - Counterclockwise winding direction;
  • «Both» - Combined mode (Clockwise + Counterclockwise);
  • «» - Undefined;

Caliber:Automatic 01-07Both850
Caliber:Automatic 01-89CW800-850
Caliber:Automatic 30CCW850
Caliber:Automatic 39CCW850
Caliber:Automatic 90CCW900
Caliber:Automatic 93CCW850-1000
Caliber:Automatic 94CCW850-1000
Caliber:Automatic 95Both850
Caliber:Automatic 100Both850
1878 Limited EditionAutomatic 100Both850-1000
1878 Sonder EditionBoth850
Black SecretCCW850
Lady SerenadeAutomatic 39CCW850
Lady Serenade 2012CCW850
Lady Serenade ChronographAutomatic 39CCW850
Lady Serenade Chrono DiamondCCW850
Lady Serenade KarreeAutomatic 39CCW850
Lady Serenade PavéeAutomatic 39CCW850
Lady Sport: AutomaticAutomatic 39CCW850
Moritz GrossmannBoth850
Navigator Word ViewCCW850
Nordic LightCCW850
Noramis LadiesETA 2892-A2Both650
Noramis MensETA 2892-A2Both650
PanoMatic DateCCW850
PanoMatic Central XLAutomatic 100Both850-1000
PanoMatic ChronoBoth850
PanoMatic Chrono XLAutomatic 95-01Both850
PanoMatic Counter XLBoth850
PanoMatic InverceCCW850
PanoMatic LunarCCW850
PanoMatic Lunar 2012CCW850
PanoMatic Lunar Edition LüttgeCCW850
PanoMatic Lunar XLAutomatic 90CCW850-1000
PanoMatic ReserveCCW850
PanoMatic Reserve XLAutomatic 90CCW850-1000
PanoMatic TurbillionCCW850
PanoMatic VenueCCW850
Pano NavigatorBoth850
Pink PassionCCW850
Prima VeraCCW850
Sea ShellCCW850
Senator AutomaticAutomatic 100Both850-1000
Senator Automatic 2010CCW850
Senator CalendarAutomatic 100Both850-1000
Senator Calendar WeekAutomatic 100Both850-1000
Senator ChronographAutomatic 39CCW850
Senator Chronograph PanoramadatumCCW850
Senator Chronograph SixitesCCW850
Senator Chronograph XLAutomatic 39CCW850
Senator Classic: AutomaticAutomatic 30CCW650-800
Senator Classic: Automatic Panorama DateAutomatic 39CCW850
Senator Classic: AviatorAutomatic 39CCW850
Senator Classic: Aviator ChronographAutomatic 39CCW850
Senator Classic: Aviator Chronograph DateAutomatic 39CCW850
Senator Classic: Aviator Panorama DateCCW850
Senator Classic: ChronographAutomatic 39CCW850
Senator Classic: Chronograph DateAutomatic 39CCW650-800
Senator Classic: Perpetual Calendar Panorama Date, Up and DownAutomatic 39CCW850
Senator Ewiger KalenderAutomatic 100Both850-1000
Senator Hand DateAutomatic 39CCW850
Senator KalenderwocheBoth850
Senator Karree: AutomaticAutomatic 39CCW850
Senator Karree: ChronographAutomatic 39CCW850
Senator Karree: Chronograph DateAutomatic 39CCW650-800
Senator Karree: Panorama DateAutomatic 39CCW850
Senator Karee: Perpetual CalendarAutomatic 39CCW850
Senator Karee: Perpetual Calendar Panorama DateAutomatic 39CCW850
Senator MeissenAutomatic 100Both850-1000
Senator Meissen: TourbillonAutomatic 94CCW850-1000
Senator Navigator: AutomaticAutomatic 100Both850-1000
Senator Navigator: ChronographAutomatic 39CCW850
Senator Navigator: Panorama DateAutomatic 100Both850-1000
Senator Navigator: Perpetual CalendarAutomatic 100Both850-1000
Senator Navigator: Perpetual Calendar Ltd. Ed.Automatic 100Both850-1000
Senator Navigator: PanoramadatumBoth850
Senator Observer GoldBoth850
Senator Observer Julius AssmannBoth850
Senator Observer SteelBoth850
Senator PanoramadatumBoth850
Senator Panoramadatum Caliber 37-01Both850
Senator Panorama DateAutomatic 100Both850-1000
Senator Panorama Date - 2005Automatic 100Both850-1000
Senator Panorama Date Model 2013Both850-1000
Senator Panorama Date with Moon Phase Model 2013Automatic 100-04Both850-1000
Senator PanoramaDatum-Moon PhaseAutomatic 100-04Both850-1000
Senator Perpetual CalendarAutomatic 100Both850-1000
Senator Perpetual Calendar - 2005Automatic 100Both850-1000
Senator Perpetual Calendar 2012Both850-1000
Senator Power Reserve DisplayAutomatic 100Both850-1000
Senator Seventies Chrono blueCCW850
Senator Sixties: AutomaticAutomatic 39CCW850
Senator Sixties: ChronographAutomatic 39CCW850
Senator Sixties: Square ChronographAutomatic 39CCW850
Senator Sixties PanoramadatumCCW850
Senator Square Sixties ChronoCCW850
Senator Tourbillon Kaliber 94-03CCW850
Senator Up and DownCCW850
Senator VollkalenderCCW850
Senator ZeigerdatumCCW850
Seventies PanoramadatumCCW850
Sport: AutomaticAutomatic 39CCW850
Sport: Chronograph Automatic MediumAutomatic 39CCW850
Sport: Chronograph Automatic SeniorAutomatic 39CCW850
Sport EvolutionAutomatic 39CCW850
Sport Evolution ChronographAutomatic 39CCW850
Sport Evolution Chronograph 2009CCW850
Sport Evolution Ewiger KalenderCCW850
Sport Evolution GMTAutomatic 39CCW850
Sport Evolution Impact ChronographAutomatic 39CCW850
Sport Evolution Impact Panorama DateAutomatic 39CCW850
Sport Evolution Impact Tourbillon LEAutomatic 94CCW850-1000
Sport Evolution MAutomatic 39CCW850
Sport Evolution Panorama DateAutomatic 39CCW850
Sport Evolution Perpetual CalendarAutomatic 39CCW850
Star Collection: Black SecretAutomatic 90-01CCW850-1000
Star Collection: Four Seasons Night ShadeAutomatic 94CCW850-1000
Star Collection: Four Seasons Spring BlossomAutomatic 90CCW850-1000
Star Collection: Pink PassionAutomatic 90-01CCW850-1000
Star Collection: Summer NightAutomatic 90-01CCW850-1000
Star Collection: Spring BlossomCCW850
Star Collection: Sun RayAutomatic 90-01CCW850-1000
Star Collection: White CrystalAutomatic 90-01CCW850-1000
Star Collection: White DreamCCW850

If you could not find your watch model (or caliber) in this table, you may determine your GLASHUETTE ORIGINAL winding mode on a trial basis. You should select the combined winding mode (CW+CCW) and the minimal number of turns per day (TPD). Then place your watch into the winder and check after a few days how accurate your watch shows the time. If it runs behind, it is necessary to increase the number of TPD by one step.