CORUM winding parameters


  • «CW» - Clockwise winding direction;
  • «CCW» - Counterclockwise winding direction;
  • «Both» - Combined mode (Clockwise + Counterclockwise);
  • «» - Undefined;

Admiral's CupCO 003Both650
Admiral's Cup 44Both650
Admiral's Cup 44 GMTBoth650
Admiral's Cup AC-One 45 Regatta 2013CW800
Admiral's Cup AC-One 45 TidesBoth650
Admiral's Cup Black & Gold 48 2010CW800
Admiral's Cup Black Chrono 48 CentroCW800
Admiral's Cup Black Chrono 40 DiamondsBoth650
Admiral's Cup Black Chrono Foudroyanne 48Both650
Admiral's Cup Black Hull 48Both650
Admiral's Cup Black Hull 48 2010CW800
Admiral's Cup Black Split Seconds 44 Ltd. Ed.CO 986CCW800
Admiral's Cup Challenge 44CO 753CW800
Admiral's Cup Challenge 44 RattrapanteBoth650
Admiral's Cup Challenge 44 RegattaCO 986CCW800
Admiral's Cup Challenge 44 RubberBoth650
Admiral's Cup Challenge 44 Split SecondsCO 986Both650
Admiral's Cup Challenge 48 Black Flag Ltd. Ed.CO 753CW800
Admiral's Cup Challenge 48 Day & NightBoth650
Admiral's Cup ChronographCO SW002Both650-800
Admiral's Cup Chronograph 40 DiamondsCO 984Both650
Admiral's Cup Chronograph 44CO 753Both650
Admiral's Cup Chronograph 44 GoldCO 753CW800
Admiral's Cup Chronograph 44 Centro Didier CucheCW800
Admiral's Cup Chronograph 44 Centro MonopusherCW800
Admiral's Cup Chronograph 48CO 753CW800
Admiral's Cup Chronograph 48 CentroCW800
Admiral's Cup Chronograph 48 SportCW800
Admiral's Cup Chronograph 48 Grand Prix 2010CO 753CW800
Admiral's Cup Chronograph 50 LHSCO 753CW800
Admiral's Cup Competition 40CO 082Both650
Admiral's Cup Competition 48CO 947CW800
Admiral's Cup Competition 48 Victory ChallengeCO 947CW800
Admiral's Cup Deep Hull 48CO 947CW800
Admiral's Cup GMT 44CO 383Both650
Admiral's Cup Leap Second 48CO 895CW800
Admiral`s Cup Legend 42 BlueBoth650
Admiral's Cup MareesCO 277Both650
Admiral's Cup Regatta 44CO SW 002 /CO 285Both650
Admiral's Cup Tides 44CO 277Both650
Admiral's Cup Tides 44 RegattaCO 277Both650
Admiral's Cup Tides 48CO 277Both650
Admiral's Cup Tourbillon 48
Admiral's Cup Trophy 41CO 082Both650
AntikaCO 024Both650
Automatic 100CO 295CW650
Bubble AutomaticCO 082Both650
Bubble BatsBoth650
Bubble Black DiveETA 2892-A2 + DD ModuleBoth650
Bubble CasinoETA 2892-A2Both650
Bubble Dive BomberETA 2892-A2Both650
Bubble Diver Shark ChronographETA 2892Both650
Bubble GMTETA 2893-2Both650
Bubble Large ChronographETA 2892Both650
Bubble Night FlyerETA 2892-A2Both650
Bubble PrivateerCO 082Both650
Bubble Royal FlashBoth650
Bubble SkeletonETA 2892-A2Both650
Classical ChevalierETA 2892-A2Both650
Classical Chrono FlybackDD 44500Both650
Classical Grande/Big DateCO 922GD COSCBoth650
Classical GMTCO 983.GMTBoth650
Classical Kai ChonETA 2892-A2Both650
Classical Palm BeachCO 982Both650
Classical Pearl DragonETA 2892-A2Both650
Classical Power ReserveCO 973.PWBoth650
Competition 48 Victory ChallengeCW800
Golden Bridge AutomatikBoth1800
Gypsy MothETA 2892Both650
Romulus 2008Both650
Romulus ChronoCal 285Both650
Romulus ChronographCO 984Both650
Romulus GoldCO 295CCW650-950
Romulus Dual TimeCO 283
Romulus LadyCO 024Both650
Romulus Large DateCO 812Both650
Romulus Perpetual CalendarCO 183CW820
Romulus Retrograde Annual CalendarCO 052Both650
Romulus Steel Power ReserveCO 373Both650
Ti-Bridge Dual WinderBoth670
Trapeze AutomaticCal 082Both650
$20 Gold Piece Watch (up to 2001)FP 70CW650-800
$20 Gold Piece Watch (2002+)Cal 082Both650
20$ Coin WatchBoth650

If you could not find your watch model (or caliber) in this table, you may determine your CORUM winding mode on a trial basis. You should select the combined winding mode (CW+CCW) and the minimal number of turns per day (TPD). Then place your watch into the winder and check after a few days how accurate your watch shows the time. If it runs behind, it is necessary to increase the number of TPD by one step.