BELL & ROSS winding parameters


  • «CW» - Clockwise winding direction;
  • «CCW» - Counterclockwise winding direction;
  • «Both» - Combined mode (Clockwise + Counterclockwise);
  • «» - Undefined;

Annual Big Date ChronographETA 2892-2Both650
Belgian Grand PrixValjoux 7750CW800
BR01-AirborneETA 2892Both650
BR01-92 Automatic 46mmETA 2892Both650
BR01-92 Gold Ingot Ltd. Ed.ETA 2892Both650
BR01-93 GMTETA 2893Both650
BR01-94 Chronograph 46mmETA 2894Both650
BR01-96 Big DateETA 2896Both650
BR01-97 Power ReserveETA 2897Both650
BR02 Chronograph 44mmETA 2894-2Both650
BR 123 HeritageBoth650
BR 126 HeritageBoth650
BR03-51 GMTETABoth650
BR03-92ETA 2892Both650
BR03-94 Chronograph 42mmETA 2894Both650
BR Grand MinuteurCW820
Classic BA, WA, BSA, WSA, TEValjoux 7750CW800
Classic PilotValjoux 7750CW800
Classic Pilot 10th Anniversary Ltd. EditionETA 2894-2Both650
Classic Pilot Acrylic (Aeronvale Acrylic)ETA 2894-2Both650
Classic Pilot AapphireBoth650
Classic Pilot Sapphire (Aeronvale Sapphire)ETA 2894-2Both650
Classic Diver 300ETA 2894-2Both650
Desert Type 123ETA 2892-2 or 2895Both650
Desert Type 126ETA 2894-2Both650
Desert Type 126 XL ChronoBoth650
Diver 300ETA 2894Both650
Diver 300 ChronographBoth650
Diver TEValjoux 7750CW800
Double Subdial Jumping HourETA 2892Both650
Edicion LimitadaETA 2894-2Both650
Geneva 123ETA 2895-1Both650
Geneva 126ETA 2894-2Both650
Geneva 126 ChronographBoth650
GMTValjoux 7750CW800
Grand Date Annual CalendarETA 2894Both650
Grand MinuteurCW820
Grand PrixValjoux 7750CW800
Grand Prix ChronographCW800
Instrument BR01 AirborneBoth650
Instrument BR01 Airborne One 2009Both650
Instrument BR01 Airborne Two 2011Both650
Instrument BR01 AirspeedBoth650
Instrument BR01 AltimeterBoth650
Instrument BR01 B-RocketBoth650
Instrument BR01 BlueBoth650
Instrument BR01 Casino Pink GoldBoth650
Instrument BR01 ClimbBoth650
Instrument BR01 Heading IndicatorBoth650
Instrument BR01 HorizonBoth650
Instrument BR01 KeramikBoth650
Instrument BR01 PhantomBoth650
Instrument BR01 Titan orBoth650
Instrument BR01 Turn CoordinatorBoth650
Instrument BR01-92Both650
Instrument BR01-92 COMPASSBoth650
Instrument BR01-92 RADARBoth650
Instrument BR01-92 RED RADARBoth650
Instrument BR01-93 GMTBoth650
Instrument BR01-94Both650
Instrument BR01-94 ChronoBoth650
Instrument BR01-96Both650
Instrument BR01-96 AltimeterBoth650
Instrument BR01-96 CommandoBoth650
Instrument BR01-97Both650
Instrument BR02Both650
Instrument BR02 Carbon Pro Dial 1000MBoth650
Instrument BR02 ChronoCW800
Instrument BR02 Steel 1000MBoth650
Instrument BR02-92 Steel Carbon FiberBoth650
Instrument BR03 MILITARY CERAMICBoth650
Instrument BR03-51 GMTBoth650
Instrument BR03-51 GMT CarbonBoth650
Instrument BR03-92 CeramicBoth650
Instrument BR03-92 PhantomBoth650
Instrument BR03-94 Carbon OrangeBoth650
Instrument BR03-94 CommandoBoth650
Instrument BR126 Blackbird FlybackBoth650
Jumping Hour Double GuichetBoth650
Jumping Hour Reserve de marcheBoth650
Jumping Hour with Power ReserveETA 2892Both650
Medium AutomaticETA 2892-A2Both650
Military Type 123ETA 2892-2 or 2895Both650
Military Type 126ETA 2894-2Both650
Military Type 126 ChronographBoth650
Military M1Lemania 5100CCW800
Military M2Valjoux 7750CW800
Mystery DiamondETA 2892-A2Both650
Pilot 10th Anniversary ChronoBoth650
Pilot Acrylic ChronographBoth650
Pilot Sapphire ChronographBoth650
Space OneLemania 5100CCW800
Space TwoLemania 5100CCW800
Space Three ChronographCW800
Space Three - Day / DateValjoux 7750CW800
Space ThreeCW800
Space Three- GMTValjoux 7750CW800
Vintage 123ETA 2892-2 or 2895Both650
Vintage 123 Jumping Hour PlatinumETA 2892 Modified by Vincent CalabreseBoth650
Vintage 126ETA 2894-2Both650
Vintage 126 BeigeETA 2894-2Both650
Vintage 126 XLETA 2894-2Both650
Vintage OfficierBoth650
Vintage Officier ChronoBoth650
Vintage Original CarbonBoth650
WW1 Heure Sautante Pink GoldBoth650
WW1 Regulateur Pink GoldBoth650
WW1 Reserve de MarcheBoth650
WW1 Vintage GuynemerBoth650
WW1 Vintage Monopoussoir HeritageCW800
WW2 Regulateur HeritageBoth650

If you could not find your watch model (or caliber) in this table, you may determine your BELL & ROSS winding mode on a trial basis. You should select the combined winding mode (CW+CCW) and the minimal number of turns per day (TPD). Then place your watch into the winder and check after a few days how accurate your watch shows the time. If it runs behind, it is necessary to increase the number of TPD by one step.