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Watch winder function

The main purpose of automatic watch winders is to ensure the non-stop operation of the watch mechanism. Many mechanical watches have a large number of additional options, for example, to display the current date, month and day of the week. Some watches have additional indication systems, for example, they can display the current time in another time zone or the lunar calendar.

If the watch mechanism stops, then you will need to set up all the parameters again, and in some models this process can take a lot of time. In addition, you will probably have to study the user's manual in detail to do it.

Almost all modern mechanisms are winded while you are wearing the wristwatch. At the same time, automatic watch winder allows you to keep the mechanism in working condition permanently.

After buying an automatic watch winder, you will no longer need to remember whether you have winded your watch today or not. Simply place your watch on the rotor of the automatic watch winder, and it will take care of the mechanism. For more information on automatic watch winders and the principles of their operation, see the Watch Winders FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section.

Our website’s catalog contains automatic watch winders with different designs and from different manufacturers. If you only need automatic winding for one watch, we can offer you entry-level watch winders that are made of plastic and have 12 presets to choose from. More expensive models have cases with a wood grain finish imitating primary timber, built-in LED backlight and some additional options that allow you to extend the life of your watch.

If you own a sufficiently large collection of mechanical watches, can offer you devices for the simultaneous winding of 12 or 16 watches.

Special watch safes with automatic winding may be of interest to owners of very expensive or rare watches.